Alan Shipnuck – Sports Illustrated Senior Writer On Next Callaway Live

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When it comes to sports publications there may be none that are in the same league as Sports Illustrated. So when we heard that Alan Shipnuk, SI’s go-to-guy for anything golf wanted to come hang out with us on Callaway Live we were pretty pumped.

Shipnuck is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, and has long been a part of the Sports Illustrated team starting his career with SI as an intern in 1994. Chances are you have read Alan Shipnuck, he is one of the most popular writers and won of the most acclaimed having won nine awards from the Golf Writers Association of America. Specializing in golf, he also writes a weekly column for called Heroes and Zeroes.

Monday August 31 @ 6 P.M. PT

More on Alan

  • Graduated from UCLA
  • Has written a handful of critically acclaimed golf books including, Bud, Sweat, and Tears and The Battle for Augusta National: Hootie, Martha, and the Masters of the Universe.
  • Has been honored multiple times by Golf Writer’s Association of America.
  • While primarily a golf writer he has also written high profile articles including the 2007 and 2008 Sportsman of the Year profiles.


Also, earlier this year… Alan was out with us in San Francisco covering the most scenic birdie ever with Lydia Ko.


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