How The Adjustable Perimeter Weighting in Great Big Bertha Works For You

By August 21, 2015Headlines, Product News

How can the new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting in Great Big Bertha help you leave no yard behind? Our head of Woods R&D, Evan Gibbs explained it to us:

1. First things first, what is Adjustable Perimeter Weighting?

Our new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting is a very intuitive and easy way for golfers to adjust the shape of their shots.


2. Why was it important to put this sliding weight on the perimeter of the clubhead? Why put it there instead of on the sole or toward the front of the clubhead?

By putting the 10 gram weight in the back, we’re able to increase forgiveness much more than if we put it toward the front of the clubhead. When the weight is towards the back, it provides a very neutral, workable shot shape. If you want to reposition the weight, you can slide it towards the toe to promote a fade if you miss left, or you can position it in the heel to promote a draw if you tend to miss right.

And since the track is located around the perimeter of the clubhead, golfers are able to maintain that high level of forgiveness regardless of what shot shape they choose.

3. You had Adjustable Perimeter Weighting on last year’s Big Bertha. How have you improved it in GBB?

We’ve completely re-engineered and re-positioned the APW for Great Big Bertha, and it’s a really critical part of what makes this driver so forgiving and so versatile. The overall change in dispersion (high or low ball flight and right or left ball flight) between the extreme positions on the track is about 18 yards, and it’s also more draw capable. This really helps players minimize a slice and hit straighter and longer drives, which is what we’re all looking for!

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