Inside Great Big Bertha: Our New R*MOTO Face Gets You More Ball Speed

By August 18, 2015Headlines, Product News

Callaway’s newest R*MOTO Face Technology is our most advanced face design, and it’s built to get you more ball speed with the Great Big Bertha Driver.

Toggle and zoom in on the 3D Image above to get a closer, more detailed look at the face.

Callaway Great Big Bertha
by Callaway Golf
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1. What is R*MOTO and why is it such a great addition to GBB?

Our newest R*MOTO face technology is our most advanced face design that features a series of internal ribs that connect the face to the crown and sole, which allows us to better control the stiffness in this region and ultimately design a thinner, more flexible face. This was really a key technology in being able to deliver higher average ball speeds across the face on the GBB driver.

2. Why is it a benefit to have a thinner face?

A thinner, more flexible face results in a more efficient transfer of energy to the golf ball, which ultimately leads to more ball speed. But it also saves weight, which can then be redistributed back into the clubhead for added performance. On the GBB driver, this added discretionary weight helped us provide a unique combination of low spin, high MOI, and advanced adjustability.

3. What types of players is R*MOTO suited for?

So one of the unique characteristics of the original GBB was its versatility and the fact every type of player could play it. That was really something we tried to capture in the newest GBB driver and the R*MOTO face technology was a big part of that. It will help all golfers improve their efficiency, particularly on shots where they don’t quite hit the center of the face, which will help all golfers better reach their potential distance off the tee.

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