Great Big Bertha R&D Whitepaper: the short version(s)

By August 17, 2015Headlines, Product News
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The Problem

It’s easy to calculate how many yards you should average if you reach your potential for 1) Ball speed 2) Carry/roll 3) Dispersion.

So why, specifically, are golfers losing so much distance? Three key reasons:

  1. Low ball speed.
  2. Less than ideal launch conditions (launch angle and spin-rate).
  3. Poor direction.

Knowing that helped us put technologies and features into the Great Big Bertha driver that helps you “Leave No Yard Behind.”

Problem 1: Low Ball Speed

Most golfers will pick up serious yardage by improving their “smash factor” — a measurement of your quality of contact.

Solution: Multiple Shaft-weight Offerings
Every player has an ideal total club weight that encourages effective rhythm and tempo, which is critical to center-face contact. So we’re offering GBB in a variety of shaft weights to help increase your smash factor.

Solution: R•MOTO Technology
R•MOTO clubface technology increases ball speed on mis-hits in two ways. 1) Internal ribs strengthen the perimeter of the clubface for faster ball speed on high and low impacts. 2) Variable Face Thickness technology expands the area in the middle of the face that delivers fast ball speed.

Problem 2: Poor Launch Angle and Spin-rate

The right high-launch/low-spin combination equals long distance. Most drivers today feature adjustability technologies to improve launch conditions, yet most golfers aren’t reaping the benefits.

Solution: OptiFit Technology
OptiFit allows you to adjust loft to create distance-enhancing launch conditions.

Solution: Low CG with Forgiveness
GBB’s design puts the CG low and to the rear to promote high launch and low spin.

Problem 3: Dispersion / Sidespin

Straight shots net more yardage. Sidespin that causes a slice or hook kills distance.

Solution: Adjustable Perimeter Weighting Technology
APW gives you up to 18 yards of “direction correction” by reducing sidespin by up to 400 RPM, to tighten your dispersion.

Choose your clubhead speed to see your yardage potential


Based on 14° launch angle, 2,400 RPM backspin,1.50 smash factor, 0 RPM sidespin

Your Clubhead Speed: 90mph

Regarding the variables that promote greater potential yardage in the chart above  — 14° launch angle, 2400 RPM backspin, 1.50 smash factor, 0 RPM sidespin — the reason we chose these numbers is because we feel that they are definitely within reasonable reach of the average player. It’s very possible to do even better in launch angle & backspin (though you can’t improve on 0 RPM sidespin or 1.50 smash factor.)


Great Big Bertha is engineered to specifically address each of the variables that cost golfers distance — smash factor, launch conditions, direction – and this makes it a favorable choice for golfers who want to add more yards to their drives. However, it’s essential that the player configure the adjustability technologies appropriately and be fit for the proper head/shaft weight combination in order to achieve the maximum yardage increase.

Throughout the design and engineering process that went into creating Great Big Bertha, our guiding principle was this: Leave No Yard Behind.

Your Next Step

Your next step? Visit your local golf retailer, teaching pro or professional clubfitter to be properly fit for a Great Big Bertha — including shaft weight, APW setting and loft — to find the yards you’ve been leaving behind!

This was the short, 350-word version of the Drivers Distance Study. To view other versions, click below:

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    Great read. Looks like I am definitely leaving yardage on the table… be it due to swing or club.

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