Roger Cleveland: “MD3 Milled Is Such A Friendly Wedge”

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The new MD3 Milled Wedges are designed with 3 grooves and 3 grinds to help golfers get up and down from everywhere. And they’re already insanely popular on Tour where players like Tony Finau, Pat Perez, Chris Kirk and Matt Every all have them in the bag.

With so much going on for MD3 Milled, we’re bringing in our legendary wedge maker Roger Cleveland to tell us everything we need to know.

MD3 Milled is off of to a phenomenal start on Tour – 17 in it first week at the John Deere Classic, 33 at the RBC Canadian Open, and a lot in play in the FedExCup Playoffs. Why has there been such an immediate adoption on Tour? And what’s really stood out in testing?

Roger Cleveland: Well, it’s such a friendly wedge. We have a slight modification to the S and the C Grinds that we’ve had before, and we have a new W grind, which has a wider sole. It’s the biggest line we’ve ever had for golfers and for our Tour players.

MD3 Milled Wedge: W-Grind
by Callaway Golf
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And the soles are a little different on the MD3 Milled. They’re a little more generous and the players absolutely love them because they’re so friendly, they’re easy to use. And when you get as many in play as we have so quickly for all the grinds, that’s a good indication that it resonates with Tour players.

Pat Perez immediately put MD3 Milled the bag at the John Deere including a 56* W Grind. How has the W Grind helped him and how can it help Tour players?

Roger: I’ve worked with Pat a lot since he’s been with Callaway. He’s really fun to be with, and he typically has a very steep attack angle to the ball and he really enjoyed the W Grind in the 56* which he uses on a lot of chip shots.

It gives him a lot of performance and forgiveness for as steep as he is, and the conditions at the John Deere Classic were very soft. So it really worked well from the bunker and around the green. He loved it.

The three grinds provide a lot of versatility and options. How can golfers figure out what the right grind setup is for them with their MD3 Milled Wedges?

Roger: First of all, you have to look at the conditions you play in typically. If you play in firm conditions, we have an answer for you. And if you’re a little steeper into the ball in firmer conditions the C Grind is a great option. If you’re playing in softer conditions, we have the W Grind. We have lofts on all those grinds from 46* all the way up, so we have a lot of options.


You’ve got to figure out what your conditions are, and if your attack angle is fairly steep, there is a certain technique that you should use in the short game and you need to present a lot of loft as early as you can in your backswing. And when you do that you’re setting loft and bounce.

With progressive groove optimization, we’ve optimized spin as you go up in loft. How does that help Tour players and what does it mean for regular golfers?

Roger: The progressive groove program really blends with irons. The grooves are a little less aggressive in the pitching wedge, and then in the sand wedges we get more aggressive, and then we get really aggressive in the lob wedges because you need a lot of spin and control with those.

You can really see how this helps the pros because they’re so proficient and those courses are set up with the pins back there so they need to be precise. Anytime you can add an advantage to a product it’s key for the pros and for amateurs.

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