Callaway Apex Iron Deconstructed

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  • Bobby Gene Curtis II says:

    I have been looking at buying me a set of the new Big Bertha Irons, I now am using a set of RAZR X HL irons but the more I see the more I think I might have to find some place to try out the new Apex irons before I buy a set.

    • Bobby Gene Curtis II says:

      Took the wife and went to Golf Galaxy and got us fitted for a set of irons and driver. We spent over 5 hours there and managed to surprise the fitter as to how short a time we have been playing golf. She was able to gain 30 yards going from her old driver getting a new Women’s Callaway XR driver. We brought that one home. She will also be getting a set of Women’s Big Bertha irons. I was back and forth on just what I should get and tried the Big Bertha, the Apex CF 16, and Apex Pro 16. I was surprised at how well I was able to handle the Apex CF 16 and Pro 16 irons. I was looking at getting the Apex Pro 16 clubs but was unable to get the shaft that I had been using at Golf Galaxy on them so looks like I will be ordering the Apex CF 16 irons instead, they are way more than what I wanted to spend but am lucky enough to have a very loving wife who opted to get a set of used irons off Callaway Pre-Owned just so we could afford the Apex CF 16s, me being a disabled Veteran and both being retired limits our income. That being said we both feel they are well worth the price.

      • A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

        That’s amazing @bobbygenecurtisii:disqus! Two questions: Did you get 4-5-6 irons? And if so, did you notice a distance increase?

        • Bobby Gene Curtis II says:

          I ordered 4-PW on mine the Apex CF16 irons, and ordered the Women’s Big Bertha, 3H, 4H, 5-PW,AW,SW for the wife, hers shipped today, not sure when mine will ship but will be glad to let you know what I get with them. Was waiting to try the long irons on mine to make up my mind as to what I should get a 3 Hybrid or a 3 Iron to complete my set, also going to try my new Mack Daddy 3’s 56 -12 W grind, and 60 – 8 C grind that arrived today to make up my mind as to which I should order an Apex CF 16 AW, or a Mack Daddy 52 – 10 S grind, will also let you know how that works out.

        • Bobby Gene Curtis II says:

          Did I notice! I had been using a set of Callaway Razr X HL irons 3H, 4-PW, AW, & SW. I am hitting farther with my 4 iron than I was with the 3 hybrid in my old set, I will be ordering me a Callaway CF 16 3 iron as soon as I can, and will be getting me a MD3 52 degree S grind Approach wedge to complete my wedge set.

  • Larry Shelby says:

    They look amazing but when you are 82 and on a fixed income I have to wait till two newer models come out to be able to afford. Still using RAZR X.

  • says:

    why would you use stainless steel for the face and call the irons forged. you want the soft feel of carbon. please answer

    • RExplorer says:

      My guess is more ball speed with the stainless steel face and the forged body helps reduce the unwanted vibration. Also, the irons are easy to bend for any changes in loft or lie angle.

    • A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      An answer right from our Director of R&D:

      During the process of manufacturing the Apex CF 16, the club head is forged and in subsequent steps the face is milled off. The process and the impact energy go directly through the forged material, thus the forged body. So why cut off the face? The 17-4, while not the most exotic material, allows us to design significantly thinner than any 1025 material. Thinner faces equals more ball speed.

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