Chrome Soft Receives Perfect Score In GolfWRX Review

By October 27, 2015Headlines, Product News

THIS JUST IN:Kane Cochran over at GolfWRX reviewed Chrome Soft and let’s just say we don’t call it The Ball That Changed The Ball for nothing. It received an unheard of 5/5 stars for performance, feel, durability and just about every other category you can judge a golf ball on.

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Here are some of our favorite quotes from the review:
(you can check out the full thing right HERE.)

“Chrome Soft is one of the best premium balls available. It does it all from tee-to-green, while offering an incredibly soft feel and play-it-until-you-lose-it durability.”

“With low spin off the driver and the most spin on short irons of the tour balls I’ve tested this year, the Chrome Soft is one of the best balls on the market today.”


“We gave the Chrome Soft 5 stars, but one of our editors made the case that on a scale of 1-10, the Chrome Soft is an 11.”


“I’m not a short-game wizard like one of Callaway’s more well-known tour pros, but these balls allow me to hit any kind of shot around the green without hesitation.”

“In my testing, the Chrome Soft generated slightly faster ball speeds, and a lot less spin — almost 300 rpm less spin than the SR-3. This translated into an extra 1.5 yards of carry, and more than 5 extra yards of total distance.”


“Callaway was able to create the right combination of the core and mantle layer so the Chrome Soft retains the energy from impact and keeps ball speed high — even at faster swing speeds.”


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