Lydia Ko Is #1 Again, And Apex Is Blowing Up On Tour

By October 26, 2015Headlines, Tour News

What a weekend it was on Tour for Team Callaway. Lydia Ko scored her 10th LPGA Tour win and moved to #1 in the world again, Apex had a great launch week in Las Vegas, and players picked up a bunch of yards off the tee with Great Big Bertha.

Here’s the Monday rewind for you:

Lydia Ko WITB – LPGA Taiwan Championship

Here’s a look at some of the key equipment that Callaway staffer Lydia Ko used on the LPGA Tour to win her 6th worldwide event of the year and move to #1 in the world:

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver (9*)

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid (23*)

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball Putter

Apex Pro Irons (5-PW)

An SR 3 Golf Ball

This is Lydia’s 10th LPGA Tour win already. She’s had her gamer driver in the bag for all 6 of her worldwide wins this year. Callaway drivers and irons have both passed 35 wins this year across the major worldwide Tours.

New Apex Irons and Hybrids Officially Debut On Tour

This week the new Callaway Apex Irons, Apex Pro 16 Irons and Apex Hybrids officially debuted on Tour in Las Vegas. All the new clubs were well received, and in fact the Apex Hybrids were the #1 Callaway Hybrid at the event.

Gonzales, Kisner and Kokrak All Put In Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway staffers Andres Gonzales (9*), Kevin Kisner (8.5*), and Jason Kokrak (9*) all put in the new Great Big Bertha Driver this week.

Kokrak led the field in driving distance this week at 340 yards per drive. The Adjustable Perimeter Weight slide in the rear of the clubhead is set toward a fade bias, and his new gamer driver is set to a Neutral directional bias and -1 Loft adjustability.

Kisner had a great week as well and averaged 316.5 yards per drive for the event.

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