We’re Building a Golf Course Inside a Baseball Stadium

By October 15, 2015Headlines

Be honest, how long did it take you to click on that headline. Five seconds? Less than one second?

Good, you should be excited because we’re (we as in the San Diego Padres and Callaway) are building a freakin’ 9-HOLE GOLF COURSE inside Petco Park in San Diego!

The aptly named Links at Petco Park will be open to the public from November 6-8 and will feature nine uniquely themed holes and the opportunity to win amazing prizes like the Great Big Bertha driver.

“San Diego is a premier golf destination and Callaway is a premier golf brand, so partnering on this event makes perfect sense,” said Padres Vice President of Corporate and Event Revenue Jeremy Horowitz. “The opportunity to play golf inside a Major League ballpark does not come along every day. We are looking forward to working with Callaway to make this an unforgettable experience, and to seeing our partnership grow over the coming years.”

Pricing starts at $100 for twosomes and $200 for foursomes and includes parking, snacks and beverages, limited edition “The Links at Petco Park” hats and a nine-hole round for each golfer.

Here’s a video of the course layout:


  • Bob Hauseur says:

    Bought a twosome for Nov 5th… Do we bring our own clubs? What are the yardages for each hole? Do we need a putter? I can’t find any details.

    • Scott Goryl says:

      Hi Bob – clubs, balls and putters will be provided, and yardages will never call for more than a wedge.

      Thanks for the head’s up. We’ll make sure these details are clear to participants. We’ll see you out there. We can’t wait!

      • Kelly Dorsey says:

        Will you have ladies clubs? If not can we bring our own? Also, a wedge shot for a guy may be a hybrid for the ladies, we really need the yardages and the clubs that will be available. I know this is a fun event but I also want to have a chance at hitting the greens.

        • Scott Goryl says:

          Hi Kelly – a communication will go out that will explain to participants what they can and cannot bring. You should receive that soon. And we will have ladies clubs, yes, absolutely. We are keeping all kinds of players in mind with this event so that it is fun for all!

          • Kelly Dorsey says:

            Thanks so much for the speedy reply Scott! I’m really looking forward to this event, thanks to Callaway for putting it on!!!

          • Kelly Dorsey says:

            Hi Scott…still no email with the details…is it coming out soon or did I not get it?

          • Kelly Dorsey says:

            Hi Scott I haven’t received any information about the event yet, am I missing the email?

          • Scott Goryl says:

            Hi Kelly. I’ve been told it went out this morning so you should have it in your inbox today. I hope that helps answer your questions. Have fun!

          • Maureen says:

            Scott — I too have tickets for Sunday but did not receive an email with any information in it.

            Also, I bought the tickets but am sending my husband and his friend. Assuming there is no issue with that.

  • DBix says:

    What is the club your giving away with platinum? Is there a choice of lofts, bounce?

  • John Pontsler says:

    My son is registered to play. Are spectators welcome? Is there a fee to watch and take pictures? Photos are for personal use, non commercial.

    • A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      Unfortunately not @johnpontsler:disqus. Due to stadium insurance policies, the groups must be kept limited.

      • John Pontsler says:

        That is too bad: First tee time, first hole, first day of the first ever Links at Petco Park. It would have been quite a photo op.

        • A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

          Trust me John we feel ya. Definitely tell him to either have a member of his group take photos or a marshal on every hole will be more than happy to take photos too.

  • Seung Woo Lee says:

    how can i sign up for this?

    • Scott Goryl says:

      Thank you for your interest. The event is sold out – it sold out quickly! – but hopefully we’ll have other such events in the future.

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