New Chrome Soft: What You Need To Know

By January 23, 2018Headlines, Product News

This golf ball is different. The new Chrome Soft Golf Ball has just been announced to the golfing masses, and we’ve innovated every layer, starting with our groundbreaking new, Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core.

Here’s what you need to know…

The Short Version 

Chrome Soft Golf Balls combine Tour-proven ball speed and performance with unparalleled feel and exceptional mis-hit forgiveness.

Graphene Makes It Go

The new Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core features a new, larger inner core. This larger inner core maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver-spin and promoting high launch for long distance. Essentially, you have a recipe for faster ball speeds.

This dual core construction with Graphene also promotes more distance off of the longer clubs in your bag (including your irons), and more control off of mid-irons, short irons and wedges.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene was the subject of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Seriously. It’s an incredibly strong material – stronger than diamond, 200 times stronger than steel, and believed to be the strongest material in the world. So what does that mean for golf balls?

With Graphene, we can produce a much stronger outer core that’s also much thinner, which allows us to make the inner core bigger and softer. So we can pump up the speed, pump up the spin-reducing characteristics of the soft core, and still provide incredible feel.

Pinpoint Control Around The Greens 

The thin ultra-soft Tour Urethane Cover feels fantastic and generates shot-controlling, stroke-saving spin on pitches and chips.

Ultra-Soft Feel

The fast SubMantle, soft Tour Urethane Cover, and low compression core combine for unparalleled feel, especially off of your irons.


Yes, you’re getting great forgiveness from Chrome Soft. Softer golf balls compress easier on off center hits for incredible distance all over the face.

Which Ball Should You Play? 

Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X both deliver the same core performance attributes for fast ball speeds, soft feel and great short game control. But if you want an easy way to differentiate between the two, here it is:

Chrome Soft: Softest feel, best forgiveness, straight flight

Chrome Soft X: Soft feel, high forgiveness, workable flight

Truvis Is Back 

Of course for a ball this good, we have to have it in our popular Truvis design. The Truvis pattern is specifically designed to maximize your view of the golf ball for better focus and visibility, and it looks great too.

Proven On Tour

Sergio Garcia just won with the new Chrome Soft X last weekend, and our Tour players are putting it into play all over the world.

After closing out the victory, Sergio said, “I love the golf ball, the golf ball is amazing.”