Rogue Drivers Dominate GolfWRX Fitters Choice

Rogue Drivers Dominate GolfWRX Fitters Choice

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Our new Rogue Drivers blew away the competition in the 2018 GolfWRX Fitters Choice. Some of the top fitters in the country (who work with thousands of golfers) were asked to name the best drivers this year, and the numbers for Rogue were astounding.

Let’s start with the standard Rogue Driver. When the Fitters Choice panel was asked “What’s the best driver of 2018 for the most amount of golfers,” 50% of the panelists voted for Rogue, and no other driver recieved more than 25%. Some select comments from fitters:

“Extremely forgiving, very long, fits the broadest demographic of players.”

“High ball speeds, forgiving, and good adjustability.”

“Forgiving…and has the hottest face for the best ball speed.”

Rogue Sub Zero

The Rogue Sub Zero is designed to appeal to high swing speed players who want low spin. And sure enough, in the Fitters Choice question “Which driver would you recommend to high-speed better players who want less spin,” 62.5% of the panel chose Rogue Sub Zero.

The feedback we constantly hear from fitters and Callaway Staff Professionals is that this driver provides the great combination of low spin and high ball speeds AND it’s much more forgiving than players expect.

Rogue Draw 

How about for the players who slice? Well, on the question “What driver would you recommend to a 12-handicap golfer whose miss is a slice” 62.5% of the fitters chose the Rogue Draw. As the name suggests, we built the Rogue Draw with draw-enhancing external and internal weighting. This is particularly beneficial on open-faced impacts to minimize slice-spin and promote more draw-spin for straighter drives.

Here’s what the panelists said:

“The CG location has the most extreme draw bias of all available options on the market place, while also offering a great deal of forgiveness and ball speed.”

“Draw bias and forgiving.”

“This driver has done well reducing the curve for slice players and with the help of the head design and hosel adjustability.”

Fitters have spoken: You should be playing the Rogue Driver.

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