Callaway X Whalebone Magazine Presents The Golf Issue

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Callaway X Whalebone Magazine Presents The Golf Issue


We recently collaborated with Whalebone Magazine, an authentic lifestyle media brand based in New York, to produce The Golf Issue. And we are darn excited for you to check it out!

If you’re not familiar with Whalebone, they’re known for many things, including an award-winning quarterly publication, creating submerssive digital/social experiences, hosting first-rate events (see below for more on that), and producing high-quality apparel.

We targeted a collab with them specifically because they are the tastemakers of print publications at the moment. Their creative and artistic flavor is second to none and their vibe is as positive as it is authentic. In other words, they share the same exact ideals as we do at Callaway.

The Golf Issue radiates approachability unlike anything seen in a golf publication before. There’s a fantastic balance that both the most avid golfer and those just getting into the game could relate to. It’s highly visual, void of ads and is full of surprises. If you don’t believe us, click on the book below and dive in!

If you’d like to order one of the limited edition print issues and/or gear (it’s all gonna go pretty, pretty, pretty fast), click here!

And since there are limited magazines released per year, Whalebone hosts a shindig to celebrate each issue. Ours took place at the U.S. Open just down the street from Shinnecock.

Here’s photographic evidence (all photo credit goes to Ian Cooke)…

Click on the image below to go to check out some our our collab gear…

Before you go, give a quick listen to a podcast we did with Eddie Berrang, who’s the publisher of Whalebone and all around good dude.

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