Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Wedge Artist Anthony Taranto

Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Wedge Artist Anthony Taranto


One of our main focuses in 2018 is to bring you closer to the people who work at Callaway. It’s part of our culture to be as approachable and transparent as possible, and I’m not sure there could be a better example of this than with a Reddit AMA.

If you’re unfamiliar, Reddit is essentially a homepage for the entire Internet. You could literally find chat threads, images, videos, GIFs on any subject. Golf just so happens to be a popular sub-reddit, as it’s called. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It gives Reddit users the chance to pick the minds of celebrities, athletes, comedians, politicians, etc.

Well if you’re a golfer, and active on social media (especially Instagram), then you’ve probably seen some of the work done by Callaway’s own Anthony Taranto. He’s an ace wedge artist thats been featured heavily by golf media (and us, though we kinda consider ourselves media) and rightfully so. His designs are incredibly creative in a space where tradition rules.

So it only made sense that we setup a Reddit AMA with Anthony, since he’s already entertaining dozens of questions on a daily basis anyway. You can read the entire Q&A thread here (his answers are the ones under user “CallawayGolf.”

Here are some of the highlights:

Q: What’s the most odd art request you’ve put on a wedge and whats the most common?
A: Most odd – Probably Michelle Wie’s Harry Potter-themed wedges:

I didn’t know anything about Harry Potter at the time so I had to do some research. Accio birdies! Most common would just be old fashioned stamping of players initials.

Q: What notable musicians have you designed wedges for? Do you do Alice Cooper’s clubs?
A: Jimmy Buffet, Justin Timberlake, Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, Yellow Card, Dirty Heads, Iration, Stephen Tyler, Irving Azoff, Adam Levine and Mark Wahlburg, to name a few

Funny enough, I haven’t customized any wedges for Alice Cooper yet, but he’s a huge Callaway guy and has visited me at HQ several times. He always asks me, “When are you gonna make me some cool wedges?!” I guess I should get on that…

Q: A question I’ve always been too shy to ask – why is it that wedge initials and other lettering are usually stamped “crooked?”
A: When you’re stamping by hand, most of the time if you try to stamp straight it’s going to look a little crooked. So it’s better to just go intentionally crooked because then if it looks crooked…that’s because it’s supposed to be crooked! (Got that?)

Q: Is there a way for me to order a customized wedge from you?
A: I build a set of three wedges every month that are auctioned off for charity (here’s this month’s set:
Other than that, not really unfortunately. You could customize wedges through Callaway Customs ( which is really cool, but I don’t personally build those.

Q: Do you get requested by the golfers? Is it similar to, say, tattoo work? Do they bring a design in to you and you tweak it a bit or do they just say they want a club and they take whatever you give them?
A: Good question. Some players are now basically using my Instagram as a menu, if you will. They will be like “Hey, can you make me that one, but in green?” etc. But a majority of the time, they just say “make me something cool.”

Read the entire thread here.

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