How We Created Our ‘Playing Through’ Open Championship Commercial

How We Created Our ‘Playing Through’ Open Championship Commercial


This weekend, during NBC’s coverage of The Open Championship, our new Chrome Soft TV spot featuring Phil Mickelson will air leveraging the split-screen Playing Through format.

At Callaway we challenge ourselves to innovate not only in our product and technology, but also how we market our products.  This new Chrome Soft spot does exactly that, breaking the mold of how traditional commercials are brought to life.  Using the Playing Through commercial break format as a template, when viewed during tournament coverage, it will feel like Phil is speaking directly to you through your TV or phone or wherever you’re watching coverage. This was not an accident.

The commercial was concepted with the innovative split-screen format in mind.  Knowing that the viewing audience is typically distracted by the live coverage, we challenged ourselves to find a way to playfully interrupt and engage the viewer.  Who better to capture viewers’ attention than fan favorite Phil Mickelson and what better position to put him in than escaping trouble?

As a proof of concept, the Callaway Media Production team shot and edited a version of the spot with Sr. Marketing Manager Ethan Ganot standing in for Phil.  The trial run helped influence the final script and storyboard. Check out the video below…

The commercial was shot in a little over two hours at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in San Diego.  The final spot was shot, produced, and edited by our in house Callaway Media Production team in collaboration with our agency partner Taco Truck, who directed the piece.

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