The Fitting Room EP. 81: Answering Your Questions (Mailbag Part I)

By August 22, 2018Podcast, The Fitting Room


Answering Your Questions (Mailbag Part I)

Nate and AJ are back with an all new episode featuring questions asked on the Callaway Community. if you're not a member yet, visit here so you can get all your fitting/equipment questions answered

Here are the questions they go over:

- Martin L: I am hitting a GBB Epic with an Oban 40 Standard length regular flex shaft. Lately I have been struggling with consistency and losing even more distance than I normally have. I am thinking of shortening my driver by just putting in my 3W Shaft. Is there a difference between a FW shaft and a Driver shaft other than length? I am thinking the slightly heavier shaft might help with some control too. BTW. I am 6' even, and every fitting, I am fit to standard length irons, standard lie.

- Matt H: I am having trouble getting height with my Rogue 3. It has a 7 gram back weight in it, and I'm wondering if I change it would it help get the ball flying a little higher? I don't know whether to go lighter or heavier.

- Lamby: I had my Apex Pro Irons fitted with a Pro. At the time I was using Pro V1 golf balls but the smash rates were poor. He suggested I try Chrome+ balls which transformed the flight and carry. After 3 years of forced absence from the game I am returning to find my much loved Chrome+ are no longer available. It seems a simple solution - play the new Chrome Soft X. But before I purchase I wanted to check with those in the know if this is likely to be the correct ball for me?

- Mike C: I successfully play a 50 gram shaft in my driver. What is the typical weight I would need for my hybrids?

- Hammer1: What is the criteria in selecting the right putter and length 33", 34", 35"? I am about 5.7 to 5.8 and shoot about 95 to 100. I am leaning towards the Odyssey O-Works Red 7S. Any suggestions and feedback would be extremely helpful.

- Larsson19: Callaway X Forged UT -- Steel or Graphite shaft?

Ask Your Questions!

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