Behind-The-Film: Golf Needs More Places Like Edgefield

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Behind-The-Film: Golf Needs More Places Like Edgefield


Edgefield is the best golf destination that you’ve never heard of.

I mean, I’ve never heard of it prior to my first trip to Portland this past June. And you know what, the fact I was void of expectations could’ve worked to my advantage because after reading my out-on-a-limb statement above, you probably didn’t think that Edgefield consisted of two par 3 courses. But it does, and that’s exactly why you should embrace it.

Edgefield embodies exactly what Golf Lives is all about: approachable, atypical, and so much damn fun. No one cares if you hold a scratch handicap or are holding a club for the first time; good players will find out how strong their wedge game really is and those new to the game will find it to be an unintimidating introduction.

In a perfect world, every major city would have a place like this. Keeping score is as optional as wearing shoes. Have a match with your friends, or don’t. The only thing you’ll be judged on at Edgefield is the amount of fun you have. And if that’s the case, we’re all under par.

Edgefield is all part of McMenamins, a 74-acre parcel — 20 minutes northeast of downtown Portland — that includes a hotel, restaurants, concert venue, winery and distillery.

Ahh yes the distillery pub, so unassuming and antiquated, acts as the pro shop and pre/mid/post round hangout, serving up craft beer and good times.

Buck a ball. Bargain.

Pick a club, any club. 

One of our goals with the entire Golf Lives series is to introduce unsuspecting characters you wouldn’t expect that love the game. We first found it with hip hop legend Scarface in 2016. This year we found that in metal band Red Fang. When they’re not touring on the road, they find time to hang out at Edgefield.

Popular Portland-based metal band, Red Fang, poses in a very band-ish pic before heading to Edgefield.

Director Charles Frank (middle) and Cinematographer Jeff Melanson (right) setting up for the shot.

Pub Course…it’s not just a clever name.

Behind the third hole on the 20-hole course sits a row of tightly manicured vines, where Edgefield Winery has been producing wine since 1990.

Can’t even fit a finger between the ball and the hole. But there’s not such thing as an “almost ace.”

Speaking of almost making an ace, this group reacts to a lip out seen from afar. 

Red Fang eyeing down a tee shot.

One of the regulars invented the Tube; a lightweight bag with a handle, three club slots and cupholder. Someone give that man a medal.

Edgefield does not lack in the panoramic department. Here’s proof.

Now that you’ve got a taste of what Edgefield is all about, you should probably check out our short film (even if you’ve already seen it).

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