Behind-The-Film: Langston An Ideal Home Course

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Behind-The-Film: Langston An Ideal Home Course


It’s easy to forget you’re only five miles from the White House and the chaos of DC when you’re at Langston Golf Course, which is blanketed by lush green trees and shrubs. Near Hole 10, a 538-yard Par 5 adjacent to the weathered driving range, you can hear the rumbling of the overhead Metro, but otherwise all you hear on-course is the constant chirping of crickets and the occasional celebration of a drained putt.

Not far from the Minnesota Ave stop, the Washington Metro looms over the range at Langston Golf Course, one of the few hints that the course is nestled into Washington, DC proper.

The place has a certain feel for sure – friendly, inviting, even celebratory. With weekend greens fees at a generous $32 for an adult ($10 for a junior!), its wildly accessible too.

Twenty-five bucks on a weekday? Sign me up! 

Yet it’s impossible to miss the looming significance of Langston when you arrive at the course. There is nothing overt about it – a plaque here, an old framed photograph there – but Langston’s place in US history, and in the sport of golf, permeates the grounds in a most subtle and charismatic way.

Opened in June 1939, Langston Golf Course is steeped in civic history. The course is significant for its symbolic association with the desegregation of public golf and recreational facilities in the greater DC area, and with the growth of golf as a popular recreational activity for African Americans.

Langston is steeped in civic history, and is as inspirational of a story as you’ll find in golf.

Langston is frequented by golfers of many ethnic backgrounds, yet it has a loyal following of African American golfers, including Greg and his family, featured in this episode. At the end of the episode, Greg notes the golf can be a great unifier: “We’re all one kind of unit when we’re out on the golf course.”

Greg and fellow mentors brought “The Kings” to Langston where many of them picked up a golf club for the first time.

We thank Greg, his family and the kids from the Boys Institute for inviting us into their lives, both on the golf course and beyond, to experience the spirit of Langston.

The future is bright at Langston.

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