Reviews: Chrome Soft A Must Try, According to Many Golfers

Reviews: Chrome Soft a Must Try, According to Many Golfers


I’m not gonna lie; it’s been a hectic three years with Chrome Soft in our golf ball lineup. And I mean that in the best way possible.

When we first introduced it in 2015, golfers immediately recognized that it was a compromise breaker. Packed with unprecedented technology, including our Dual SoftFast Core, it produced incredible feel with low spin off the tee and controlled spin around the greens. The longtime perception that golfers have to game a particular ball brand started fading away faster than Steph Curry coming off a screen.

In 2016, we introduced Chrome Soft Truvis (which continues to be a golfer’s best friend) and Chrome Soft X. This year, we shifted our innovation transmission into fifth gear with the addition of graphene — one of the world’s strongest, lightest and most flexible materials — into the outer core. We started hearing about even more personal bests on a regular basis and our golf ball marketshare catapulted to an all-time company high. But this is still only the beginning.

We’re investing tens of millions of dollars into our facility in Chicopee, Mass., so we can continue to push boundaries. We have tunnel vision. We’re not focused on the competition, we’re focused on producing a noticeably better golf ball, which is exactly what we’ve been hearing from golfers all around the world.

For further proof, check out some of the reviews below. Then when you decide try it for yourself (if you haven’t yet),  please let us know what you think on the Callaway Community.

“Chrome Soft is long, has excellent spin characteristics, feels soft. Basically this is the complete ball, everything a golfer could want!”

– Username: Phil75070
– Source:


“Great ball! I switched over from the most used tour ball to the Chrome Soft because it feels so much better being a softer compression, yet it is still very durable. I love how the ball is so much easier to compress than my last ball. My scores are lower and I’m completely satisfied with this new ball.”

– Username: Jamesfox48
– Source:


“I’ve been using ProVs forever, I have never broke 80. I decided to try the Chrome soft X and shot a 74 and the next round my second best ever an 80. Coincidence? I’m not sure, but safe to say I’m sticking with them.”

– Username: Kgbird13
– Source: Callaway Community

“From a former ProV1 player this is the new ball in my bag. Distance is excellent, trajectory is very consistent and such feel on less than full shots or around the greens. surprisingly durable for such a soft ball.” “

– Username: Thomas Page
– Source:


“Best ball I have ever played…long and soft. I prefer these to the Pro Vs, which I have played for 10+ years.”

– Username: Mac 84
– Source:


“I finally bought a dozen of these and am kicking myself for not getting them sooner. My drives are long and straight. Irons are straight and hold the greens very well. My only issue was getting used to the new distances. I’m hitting everything 8-10 yards longer on every iron shot.”

– Username: CP73
– Source:

Press play below to get an amazing look at how Chrome Soft balls are made…

“I’ve used Pro V1 golf balls for years. Not anymore. These 2018 Chrome Soft golf balls far outperform Pro V1s in all aspects. You will love them and will not be disappointed.”

– Username: Simplygern
– Source:


“Love the Truvis design on the Callaway ball…Not only is the ball easier to find, the ball looks a bit larger at address and you can see if you are imparting spin on the ball on short shots.”

– Username: Tony S.
– Source:


“I have always been a Titleist guy but liked the looks of this ball (Chrome Soft Truvis) so I got some. I was surprised to find that they actually went farther than the PRO V1X and were still soft off the putter head. I am sold!”

– Username: Mark
– Source:

“I like a softer ball when putting. It helps me feel that I can be a bit more aggressive with putts but avoid the ball blasting off the face and threatening three-putts. The Chrome Soft fit that bill.”

– Username: Unknown
– Source:


“Durability is its biggest pro. This ball showed less wear and tear than most other balls I have hit. Great around the greens.”

– Username: Unknown
– Source:


“Around the green, this ball was fantastic. If you needed it to check and release, it would just perfectly. If you needed a good bump and run, it would and it would help keep my par putts extremely short.”

– Username: Unknown
– Source:

Bottom line: we never tell golfers to switch their equipment without testing the product first. But if you want to experience a ball that’s engineered with technology and just flat out fun to play, perhaps it’s time to give Chrome Soft a go.

Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X: Which Should You Play?

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