PM Grind Wedges: Everything You Need To Know

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PM Grind: Everything You Need To Know

Even by Callaway’s high standards, the PM Grind 2019 wedge is a very special golf club. Its pedigree alone is remarkable, as it was co-created by Phil Mickelson, arguably the greatest wedge player in history, and Roger Cleveland, arguably the greatest wedge designer in history.

The original PM Grind looked different and performed different than any other wedge. How was it developed? It features a uniquely shaped head with an exceptionally high toe and expansive face area, including grooves spanning the entire face, both from side-to-side and up-and-down; all to help Phil hit his famous “Phlop” shots. Phil’s satisfaction with the prototype led Callaway to introduce it to the public, in 2015. That resulted in a new, high-performance wedge category, but though others have tried, none have come close to matching the unique combination of shape, technology and performance of the PM Grind.

How did you make the new PM Grind 19 even better? 

This year Phil began working with Roger on improvements to the PM Grind that make it easier to hit three essential shots Phil thinks every golfer needs:

The Knockdown — a low-flying, high-spinning shot ideal for attacking the pin, The Hit & Check – a short pitch that bounces twice and stops, and most famously The “Phlop” – the high-flying, steep-landing, fast-stopping greenside shot Phil loves to play.

Phil conferred closely with Roger on the improvements necessary to help any player hit these three shots. The result is PM Grind 2019, a truly astonishing achievement in wedge design.

What changes did they make?

Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology: Positioning the micro-grooves on a 20º angle in relation to the standard grooves promotes added spin on chips, pitches and lobs.

Increased offset and higher center of gravity from the higher toe together help players control trajectory on full and partial shots.

Generous relief at the heel and toe promote crisp, clean contact from a variety of greenside lies.

Premium components, with a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft, Lamkin UTX grip and choice of Platinum Chrome or Tour Grey finish. PM Grind 19 will be available on 2/15.

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