New Sure Out 2 Wedges: What You Need To Know

New Sure Out 2 Wedges: What You Need To Know

Last year we introduced the popular Sure Out Wedge to give golfers more confidence around the green. And now with the new Sure Out 2, we’re making any short game shot incredibly easy to play from the sand, fairway, or rough. It’s designed to help you get out, and get up and down and now that we’ve officially announced it, here’s what you need to know.

Better Playability From All Lies: The sole is the key to Sure Out 2’s performance. We’ve enhanced the sole design to refine the bounce angle, and added more heel relief for better playability in all short game situations. It’s a confidence-inspiring shape that promotes more consistency and makes the short game easier.

Full-Face Grooves: We’ve engineered 17 full-face grooves with an aggressive groove pattern to promote fast, shot-stopping spin. This allows you to play more aggressively with better distance control.

New Lamkin Step Down Grip: We’ve collaborated with Lamkin Grips on a new design, with 3 “step down” markings for quick and effective shot selection, and even more distance control. It’s a premium grip that adds to the Sure Out 2 performance package.

New Loft Offerings: We’ve expanded our loft options and now you can choose from a 56, 58, 60, or 64 degree model. Whatever wedge shot you want to play, we have the perfect loft for it.

Coming (Very) Soon: You won’t have to wait long. The Sure Out 2 is in stores this Friday, April 12th! Give it a try and see how it can help improve your short game.

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