Bunkers In Baghdad: 10 Million Golf Balls And Counting!

Bunkers In Baghdad: 10 Million Golf Balls And Counting

We’re honored to support the military through numerous special programs and initiatives, including military discounts, and Callaway Warrior Fittings at PGA Tour events. We’re also proud to work with Bunkers in Baghdad, a non-profit charity that sends new and used golf balls and clubs to deployed troops around the world.

Callaway donates a majority of the golf balls to this program, and we’re thrilled to say that Bunkers in Baghdad has now surpassed 10 million golf balls to date!

What began in 2008 as a single shipment of golf balls to service members stationed in Iraq, has evolved into a movement that’s truly unique. This Memorial Day weekend, “Bunkers” founder Joe Hanna, an avid golfer who leads the sports and entertainment practice at the law firm Goldberg Segalla, will ship the 10 millionth golf ball. To date and over the course of 11 years, an additional 800,000 clubs have also been distributed through the charity.

“We would not be here without the support of Callaway,” Hanna said. “We are very thankful for our partnership and are very proud of everything that we have accomplished together.”

This is an incredible achievement, and we knew we had to commemorate it in a special way so we collaborated with talented illustrator Michael Borkowski through Callaway Create to produce the amazing graphic below.

(If you’re not familiar with Callaway Create, it’s a program we’ve been running for several years that allows us to collaborate with artists, illustrators, and creators from all over the world to bring unique perspectives to the game.)

Next week, we will also be hosting another Callaway Warrior Fitting at The Memorial Tournament in Dublin, OH. We’re doing these events in partnership with Birdies for the Brave at 15 PGA Tour events throughout they year. And at each one we provide club fittings and custom built club sets to combat-injured military veterans, and we hold these fittings right on the range at the tournament, just a few feet away from the best players in the world! To date, we’ve custom fit over 160 veterans through this program.

For those who are looking at updating their clubs, Callaway offers 15% discounts off of purchases to all active, reserved, retired, and military veterans. Just verify your eligibility with when you checkout to receive 15% off! And a portion of the proceeds for our Mack Daddy 4 Tactical Wedges are donated to Birdies For The Brave.

It’s our privilege to support the military, and we want to thank all the brave men and women around the world for their service. We hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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