The Most Versatile Shaft Analyzer In Golf

Callaway Fits is a revolutionary new shaft analyzer that easily screws into the grip of a driver or seven iron. In just a few swings, this tool provides the best shaft options based off of a player’s swing DNA via Bluetooth right to the Fits App, which is downloaded on the fitter’s phone/iPad.

How to Set

Up Callaway Fits

How Does Callaway Fits Work

into Callaway Fitting Protocol?

The Fitting Room EP. 82:

A Revolutionary New Shaft Analyzer

Nate and AJ are (finally) back with a new season of The Fitting Room! To get 2019 kicked off, they’re talking with Anthony Newville (Manager of Custom Fitting) and Corey Newman (Manager of Custom Fitting & Training) about a product that’s been years in the making called Callaway Fits.

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