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A new, unexpected spirit to the game we all love.
Connecting golfers from all walks of life through relatable, vibrant, and emotional storytelling.
In Golf Lives: Home Course, we set out to profile three unique golf locations around the country based on their stories, communities and characters. While the cultures across the series are remarkably diverse, the courses are united by the passion of the players who call them home.
Series 2, Released Oct. 2018


Portland, Oregon
The air is fresh, the beers are cold and the vibes are electric at Edgefield. You'd be hard pressed to find a more laid back, approachable and enjoyable environment for a round. Overlooking stunning panoramic views of Northeast Portland, two par-3 pub courses (12 holes and 20 holes) wind through vineyards, thickets of blackberry bushes and a vintage distillery bar. All are welcome at Edgefield, especially those who have never swung a club.
Behind The Scenes


Washington, D.C.
Opened in June 1939, Langston is steeped in a rich history. Known for its triumphant role in the desegregation of public golf, the course has been integral to the growth of the game’s popularity amongst African Americans. With its celebratory feel, Langston shows us golf is not only a uniter of people, but of generations.
Behind The Scenes

Wild Horse

Gothenburg, Nebraska
In 1997, the locals and farmers living in the tight-knit town of Gothenburg decided to build a golf course. A bank loan, a couple of tractors, and a whole lotta sweat equity later, their prairie land masterpiece is now considered one of the best in the country. Wild Horse is the soul of the community, providing unforgettable memories for all who play it.
Behind The Scenes
Director - Charles Frank | Cinematographer - Jeff Melanson | Sound Op - Jeremy Bircher | Associate Producer - Karely Perez Cruz | Editors - Charles Frank & Nico Bovat | Production Co: Vice Media | Agency: The Kimba Group
An unprecedented immersion into our brand through the eyes of American rap legend, Brad Jordan (aka Scarface), and former NFL superstar, Arian Foster.
Series 1, Released Oct. 2016 & 2017

Part I

Released 10.04.16
We meet Scarface in LA at the studio where he’s recording his 12th album. Afterwards, we drive with him down to Callaway HQ and the Ely Callaway Performance Center for a full club fitting and tour. Throughout the day, we uncover more about his intimate relationship with golf and why he’s addicted.

Part II

Released 10.04.17
We invited Arian to Callaway HQ in Carlsbad for a custom fitting at the Ely Callaway Performance Center as well as a tour and podcast session. We then followed him back to his digs in Houston where he fills us in on the passions he devotes time to after his NFL retirement.

Part III

Released 10.19.17
We trail Arian to the course where he tees off with Scarface and the two Houston locals provide an entertaining 18 holes. Their dynamic on the course represents the connection, fun, and enjoyment we share playing the game.

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